Reduction for pumping the bike

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Reduction for pumping the bike.


Used to inflate an inner tube equipped with a Dunlop valve using a foot or hand pump.

How many times did each of us have to deal with the problem of a blown wheel on a bicycle or a punctured inner tube. Often, even having a pump or being able to borrow it somewhere close to the scene of the accident, we were unable to inflate the bicycle wheel due to the difference between the pump input and the valve. In such cases, a reduction to pump the bike is always helpful. It is a kind of adapter that allows you to pump tires with a valve different than that provided by the pump we have. It is a small element that can easily fit into a backpack, or even a jacket pocket. Its use is also trivial simple. It is enough to simply put the reducer on the pump outlet or screw it to the valve and we can pump the wheel without any problems. Of course, we also need a pump to pump. This can be a personal device, such as for inflating balls, or in some cases we can use the tire inflation service at gas stations. Unfortunately for these, the equipment in the form of a pump is not standard.

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