Pump attachment

Tax included

Spare part and accessory for all Start pumps.


You spend a few days to pack for your dream camping holiday. You go on a journey, you reach your destination, and when you start to set up your tent and its equipment, you suddenly find that you have forgotten a key element that will make your life so much easier. It is a mattress inflator that allows us to adjust the pump to the entrance of the hole in the mattress. Its lack may result in the fact that, although we took a pump with us, or someone at the campsite is able to borrow ours, we will still be forced to physically blow air into the mattress, i.e. with our mouths. Meanwhile, inflating several mattresses is not only terribly tiring, but also, which few people know, even dangerous to health. When blowing and overcoming the resistance of escaping air, the pressure in our body increases significantly. While in the case of completely healthy people, this fact will not affect our health, when we have problems with hypertension, after a stroke or a heart attack, continuing this activity may prove fatal for us.

Data sheet

Recycled cardboard
120 pages

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