Foot pump with pressure gauge

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Car foot pump


The most popular and widely acclaimed foot pump with pressure gauge. The flagship product of the START company. In the European Union, it is protected by the Community Trademark. Outside of Poland, it finds buyers in Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So far, 900,000 units of the presented model have been sold. Our foot pump is distinguished by the original shape of the corrugated cylinder, made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide, which provides shape stability, unattainable for steel cylinders, and resistance to corrosion and deformation. The design of the pump is the result of many years of experience. Its dimensional proportions have been optimized in terms of pumping efficiency in terms of pressures used for pumping car tires. It uses a high-class European pressure gauge compliant with the EN 837-1 standard, with an adjustable pointer and an easy-to-read dial with a scale of 0.1 bar.

Unlike most competing products, which turn out to be unhelpful at the time of the test, the "START" foot pump is a truly useful, durable tool.

The pump with pressure gauge was designed as a car pump, but its users have given it many other uses. It also serves as a stationary bicycle and motorcycle pump. If necessary, to pump sports equipment and children's toys. After installing the ordered, suitably long hose, the pump with a pressure gauge is often used for pumping hydrophores and for checking the tightness of gas and hydraulic installations.

We provide a one-year warranty for the product.

Technical data:

  • displacement 0.33 dm3
  • maximum pressure, within the range of the pressure gauge, 6 bar
  • accuracy class of the pressure gauge 1.6
  • hose length 700 mm, any on special request


  • attachment for inflating children's toys and mattresses
  • bicycle reduction with DUNLOP valves

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