Hand pump

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For pumping tires of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and sports equipment.


Inflatable mattresses and beds, like bicycle tubes, require appropriate technical measures, i.e. letting air in with a pump. The hand pump is the most popular in this respect - it is comfortable to use and functional. This tool turns out to be indispensable when relaxing at the campground, camping near the forest, as well as a longer trip.

The hand pump works in practically all conditions, you can also take it on a trip without fear - it will work not only when inflating a mattress or bed, but also in emergency situations, assuming that the campers went on a trip using the proverbial two wheels.

The hand pump, equipped with a practical steel cylinder, a comfortable hose, an attachment for inflating the mattress and a bicycle reduction with valves, is worth attention and interest in.

We provide a one-year warranty for the product.

Technical data:

  • displacement 0.33 dm3
  • steel cylinder with a diameter of 35.6 mm
  • hose length 700 mm (hoses of any length on request)
  • an attachment for inflating the mattress - included
  • Bicycle reduction on Dunlop valves - included

Logistics data:

  • unit packaging - cardboard
  • weight - 1 kg, dimensions 8 x 7 x 48 cm

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