Floor Pump - Lider 2 stationary bicycle pump

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Modern high-pressure floor pump.


Modern high-pressure bicycle stationary pump

proprietary to Registered Community Design No. 002700799-0001

The Lider 2 stationary bicycle pump is an innovative product that stands out in its class. Its solid and light construction makes the pump extremely efficient and easy to use. It is a mature design supported by the opinions of customers and the experience gathered during the operation of the first Lider pump model. Final improvements to the pump, increasing its durability and reliability, were made after a long-term intensive use test at the service point. The pump uses a pressed aluminum profile, unparalleled in other solutions, with a cylinder formed in it and an air channel integrated with it, transmitting pressure to the pressure gauge located at the top of the pump. This results in a compact, aesthetic design and makes it easy to read the pressure gauge in close proximity to the user's eyesight. Elimination of intermediate elements improves the tightness of the system. In competitive pumps, where the manometer is located at the base, reading the pressure is much more difficult, and in solutions with the upper position of the manometer, the air transfer is made through an additional external tube, for aesthetic reasons masked with a sheet metal diaphragm. The Lider 2 bicycle floor pump is distinguished from other products by an extensive, carefully profiled steel base with anti-slip elements, which ensures its stable vertical position. A long flexible hose allows for convenient location of the pump during pumping. Hooks designed to attach the hose and tip, and a latch to prevent accidental removal of the handle, make it easy to carry and store the pump.

Due to its advantages, the Lider 2 pump is intended as a bicycle pump for cyclists and as a service pump for bicycle service points. It can also be successfully used for pumping tires for all vehicles, pumping sports equipment, hydrophores, as well as for tightness tests of gas and hydraulic installations. The pump is equipped with an intelligent compression fitting that recognizes the type of tube valve and supports Presta and Schrader valves without any adjustments, and with the included reduction, Dunlop valves. For this reason, it is especially recommended for advanced cyclists who are aware of the importance of the correct pressure in bicycle tires, who alternately use road bikes with tubes with a Presta valve and those from "mountain bikes" with tubes with a Schrader valve.

As a pump with a pressure gauge made in an accuracy class of 1.6, it enables accurate pressure measurement in the range of 12 bar. The pressure reading is facilitated by the high quality of the manometer, made in Europe in accordance with the EN 837-1 standard, its convenient location, clear dial and adjustable pointer. Accurately selected cylinder proportions ensure high pump efficiency, allowing the bicycle wheel to be quickly inflated to a pressure of 10 bar with little effort.

Pumps with the presented properties appear under the names in the trade nomenclature:

  • bicycle pump
  • pump with pressure gauge
  • stationary pump
  • floor pump
  • service pump

These terms are closely related to their purpose and method of use.

The Lider 2 pump is most often used as a bicycle pump, however, unlike pumps taken on the road, it is used as a stationary pump stored in a garage, working in an upright position as a floor pump.

The "Lider 2" service pump is covered by a one-year warranty.

Technical data:

  • Hose length 1.0 m
  • Max pressure 12 bar
  • Aluminum cylinder 30 mm in diameter
  • displacement 0.35 l
  • Pump height 680 mm.

Logistics data:

  • packaging: - carton - 1 pc.
  • weight - 1.7 kg

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