Precision pressure gauge compliant with EN 12645

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The pressure gauge complies with the EN 12645 standard specifying the requirements for tire pressure gauges for motor vehicles.


Spare part for START foot pumps

Technical data:

Measuring range ......... 0 - 6 bar

Accuracy class ......... 1.6

Housing diameter ......... 63 mm

Nipple thread ................. M10 x 1

The tire pressure gauge we offer, manufactured by WIKA from Włocławek, deserves attention due to its compliance with the European standard EN 12645, which defines the demanding conditions that must be met by pressure gauges for measuring tire pressure in motor vehicles. Apart from the TRAPER L foot pump, such manometers are found only in professional pressure measuring instruments. The pressure gauges we offer were legalized by the Central Office of Measures, but due to their expiry date, they cannot be considered as measuring instruments for measuring tire pressure in motor vehicles due to formal reasons. In fact, excluding professional applications, they have lost nothing of their utility values. The accuracy class proves the precision of indications, and the readable, due to its large size, the indexing plate ensures a clear reading of the measured pressure. An adjustable pointer allows you to mark a target pressure. The manometer recommended by us is distinguished by the diligence of its components, ensuring its precision and high durability.


When screwing in the pressure gauge, to ensure its correct position, pay attention to the careful insertion of the threaded stub into the hole of the hose tee.

It is unacceptable, due to the possibility of damage or loss of accuracy, to use a manometer for measuring pressure exceeding 6 bar

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