Hand pump foot

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Spare parts for Start hand pumps.


A hand pump is a device designed and designed for those people who pumping large volumes or are forced to do it frequently. It is perfect for all kinds of holiday trips, especially when we sometimes go to tents. It can be used to inflate air mattresses, toys, bicycle tires, as well as balls or small inflatable items. A bicycle pump consists of several elements that allow for more effective and convenient use of this device. One of them is the foot of the hand pump. This small item allows you to conveniently set the pump, so that the pumping process itself is as comfortable as possible. A foot for a hand pump additionally stabilizes the device and makes pumping much faster. At the same time, during this activity, we are able to use the pressure of our entire body, as if lying on the pump. Suitable accessories, such as a foot, make the pump comfortable to use and highly functional

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