Foot pump pedal

Tax included

Spare parts for Start foot pumps.


The foot pump pedal is an extremely useful device that will be useful not only on vacation, but also throughout the year, when you need to pump up a game ball or other object. The foot of the foot pump pedal has been designed to have an ergonomic, non-slip shape, which at the same time has been kept in a modern arrangement. The pedal allows you to pump the balls much more efficiently than we could do, using the strength of our lungs or using traditional push-ups that we moved by hand. The pedal is designed for a foot pump, but it can also be used for other push-ups, or for pumping all kinds of toys, sports and recreational goods, balls and high-pressure bicycle tires. Its operation is quiet and it also pumps mattresses efficiently. Simple construction guarantees that this product will not be unreliable and will not fail. It can be used by us for years without the risk of mechanical damage.

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