Foot pump hook

Tax included

Spare parts for Start foot pumps.


The foot pump hook is used to securely lock the piston rod in the rest position when the pump is not used. Its structure is extremely simple and it is made of steel. Thanks to this, there is no risk that the device will be damaged or stop working. The clip itself is necessary for the proper storage and use of the pump, which is suitable for pumping footballs, as well as other equipment that requires inflating. We can use it to inflate toys, pool accessories, bicycle tires, or even mattresses during a holiday trip. They are perfect for traveling, especially when we go camping. They will also work at home and in sports clubs, where there is a need to pump many balls in a very short time. Ultimately, they are more comfortable than push-ups that use the force of the hands or are forced to blow into the mouthpiece. In addition to the hook, we also recommend other accessories necessary for equipment with a football pump.

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