Foot pump check valve

Tax included

Spare part for Start pumps.


The foot pump check valve is used when the original part is worn.

Although foot pumps have many useful functions and are used not only in cars, but also in bicycles and when inflating mattresses, they also have several disadvantages. Their individual elements wear out fairly quickly, and the need to look for replacements can be troublesome. In our store, however, we can offer a foot pump check valve, for which you can be sure that it will be a solution that you can use satisfactorily for a long time. The valve, despite its small size, was made with great care. It is its high quality that makes it worth recommending, because you can be sure that it will not be damaged immediately after installation. The assembly itself is intuitive, so the non-return valve for the foot pump can be installed even by a person performing this operation for the first time. It is also worth paying attention to its affordable price, which encourages you to buy at least a few additional pieces.

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