Car rack for skis SLALOM 300

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SLALOM ski and snowboard racks

"Slalom" is a series of aluminum, universal carriers for transporting skis and snowboards on the car roof, distinguished by high quality and aesthetic appearance.

The set of fastening elements enables easy installation without the use of additional tools, both on steel rectangular beams and on aluminum streamers. A set of spacers allows the holders to be located on one of the four available levels, appropriately selected to prevent damage to the car roof with ski bindings. Properly shaped bodies made of composite material, rigid aluminum profiles and high-quality flexible rubber pressure profiles ensure secure attachment of skis and boards of various thicknesses and easy handling without removing ski gloves. Locks with typical inserts, with keys available in two hundred varieties, protect the skis and the trunk against theft.

The use of typical interchangeable lock inserts, used by most manufacturers, enables their replacement in order to operate the equipment with a common key.

SLALOM racks come in three variants with different transport possibilities. The characteristic digital identifier corresponds to the dimensions of the loading space.

Technical data:

  • can be used for rectangular beams with a width of max. 32 mm
  • can be used for beams with an aerodynamic profile with a T-slot with dimensions of min. 20x5 mm
  • the possibility of mounting in both cases on one of 4 levels above the base beam (depending on the height of the bindings of the skis transported)
  • overall length 475 mm


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