Foot pump TRAPER L

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Foot pump TRAPER L

Car foot pump with pressure gauge registered as Registered Community Design No. 001879537-0001

The TRAPER L foot pump is equipped with a precise pressure gauge with an accuracy class of 1.6, compliant with the European standard EN 12645, which specifies the requirements for pressure gauges for measuring the pressure in tires of motor vehicles.

The pump uses a pressure gauge with a dial with a diameter of 63 mm, measuring range 0 - 6 bar and graduation 0.1 bar, which ensures an undoubted reading of the pressure.

The pressure gauges used were legalized by the Central Office of Measures, but due to their expiry date, due to formal reasons, they cannot be considered as measuring instruments for measuring tire pressure in motor vehicles. In fact, they have lost nothing of their essential values ​​for an unprofessional user.

TRAPER L was designed as a car pump transported in the trunk of a car, with the prospect of using it in an emergency, often in unfavorable terrain conditions, with the need to pump on uneven or soft ground.

Taking these conditions into account, we have been producing the popular START pump for years was mounted on a wide, rigid base that allows pumping on any surface. We have built the whole thing in a plastic package in the shape of a handy trunk.

As a result, we have obtained a product intended for demanding users who appreciate the accuracy of pressure measurement and take into account the possibility of pumping in the field.

The TRAPER L car pump with a hose with a clamping tip designed for servicing Schrader car valves, is equipped with a set of tips extending the scope of its application. Those are:

  • attachment for blowing out, as well as for inflating mattresses and children's toys
  • reduction to Presta and Dunlop bicycle valves
  • soccer ball spire.

Basic technical parameters:

  • maximum allowable pressure limited by the pressure gauge range of 6 bar
  • hose length 700 mm
  • optimized cylinder dimensions with a displacement of 0.33 liters

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