AeroSTART roof rack

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"AeroSTART" is a safe, functional and quiet roof rack designed for installation on open roof rails.

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The roof rack made of streamlined aluminum profiles is aesthetically pleasing and of high quality. The modern low-profile design fits perfectly with the car's roof line, while the aerodynamic shape minimizes noise and increases fuel efficiency.

The set consists of two fully assembled beams, which greatly facilitates its attachment to the railings based on the attached clear step-by-step instructions.

Installation takes place without any additional tools, using the appropriately selected hex keys provided.

The beams have a mounting channel with a T-section for convenient installation of accessories using the attached mounting screws inserted into the channel.

For acoustic reasons and to protect against rainwater and dirt, the mounting channel is covered with a double-lip elastic gasket that allows the mounting screws to move freely without the need to remove and cut the gasket.

Access to the inlet of the mounting channel as well as the adjustment and fastening screws is obtained after removing the masking covers from the paws, which are locked with a key for safety.

The beams come in varieties with different spans, each with the possibility of adjusting the length in the range of 10 cm. The selection of the boot for a specific car model is made on the basis of the attached application table or by individual selection, using the attached list of beams with the specified range of supported railing span.

Permissible, confirmed by tests, weight of the transported load - up to 75 kg

The product meets the requirements of the Technical Conditions specified in the WT/059 PIMOT/15 standard and the ISO-PAS 11154;2006 urban crash test standards confirmed by tests at the Automotive Industry Institute. It has a certificate of safe production controlled by TUV.

We provide a two-year warranty for the product from the date of purchase.