Selection and installation of a roof rack for transporting bicycles

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Do you like summer bike rides? With friends along the ring roads of roads, land, forest paths or with the whole family along the promenade of a small coastal town. Are you wondering how to take your bikes to these beautiful places? The answer is simple - you need a bicycle rack for the car roof.

Which roof rack should I choose?

You should start choosing a roof rack by determining the place on the car. The roof rack fits very well especially for low cars. It is installed on the crossbars of the upper rack and is compatible with almost all bikes, as the bike stands on special guides and is attached to the wheels and the bottom of the frame. Some fasteners come with a key lock to prevent your bike from being stolen when the car is left unattended. This is the most reliable and popular way to transport your bike outside the city. The roof rack for transporting a bicycle has a special design for securing bikes to the roof for long-distance transport. It is valuable for its versatility and well-thought-out solution, reliable fastenings and convenience.

The benefits of a roof rack

The undoubted advantage of the roof rack is additional transport options. The bicycles do not interfere with traffic safety (if properly placed). Additionally, it is possible to choose the design of the rack for each car and in any price range, unlike the trailer, the bicycle roof rack does not require any additional driving skills. However, we must be aware that this solution also has some limitations. First of all, it is the weight of the bicycles, which cannot exceed the load capacity of the basic carrier (usually seventy-five kilograms). For some drivers, the car's reduced aerodynamics may also be a disadvantage. It does not interfere with visibility while driving, and does not take up space in the cabin. It does not increase the lateral and longitudinal dimensions of the vehicle. Most importantly, firmly attached, it guarantees integrity and safety during transport. In most cases, such roof racks do not require disassembly of the bike. A maximum of 4 bikes can be installed on the roof. Each bike will require a separate rack. If we have more bikes, other solutions should be found. In turn, it is a myth that a bicycle rack on the roof significantly increases fuel consumption. Research has shown that the presence of a roof rack increases the fuel consumption of a car by an average of 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers. At the same time, the more aerodynamic and streamlined the boot, the less this will affect the fuel consumption of the car. The material for the trunk should be as light and durable as possible. Aluminum is often used in the form of profiles and thin-walled tubes. The bicycle carrier (holder) is attached directly to the cross members of the basic carrier. Reliable, well-chosen roof rack options can be used with any bike model: road, mountain, recreational, touring, hybrid and more. The prices of roof racks vary considerably and depend on the brand of the company, model, material, the presence of an anti-theft lock for the bike and the rack itself. As a rule, cheap handles are made of steel, have no anti-theft locks, and look angular and not always beautiful. Expensive handles are made of aluminum, have various proprietary handles and anti-theft locks. However, both of them reliably fulfill their main function. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of roof racks for transporting bicycles.


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